Fully Paid Securities Lending

The Fully Paid Securities Lending Program

Pershing is one of the few financial services outsourcing firms to offer this to individual investors as a fully integrated, seamless program.

Program Summary

  • Enables your clients holding fully paid-for securities to loan those securities to Pershing who can then utilize them to satisfy both internal and external borrowing needs
  • Provides a revenue stream, as a portion of the spread earned becomes revenue for both you and your participating client
  • This program is available to clients who maintain a minimum net worth of $250,000 in brokerage accounts at Pershing
  • It is for clients who have hard-to-borrow securities and a relatively stable portfolio of U.S. and foreign equities, corporate bonds and government debt
  • Pershing uses the securities borrowed from clients to fulfill obligations internally or loan externally to the street and generates revenue

To learn more, please visit the resources tab of NetX360, or contact our operations team at 800 649 3883 Option 1.