As European Union (E.U.) leaders bask in crafting their most inclusive bailout plan to date, the markets are left wondering if it will be enough this time. To be sure, E.U. leaders have thrown the kitchen sink at the problem, dismissing their concerns over default, dramatically expanding the powers of its bailout fund and making sure Greece does not come up short on cash for the foreseeable future. While this may seem enough, several nagging problems persist, including slow growth within the periphery nations, the high value of the Euro and its negative impact on struggling economies, and the potential that the current political alliance will disintegrate as the size and scope of bailouts potentially increase. From the market’s perspective, these measures are good enough for now, and a strong early week risk aversion trade reversed itself as risk is again in vogue. Stocks were up strongly, while higher beta sectors outperformed. We are still awaiting a resolution to the debt ceiling from Washington, although it appears that a deal is close to being reached, which will occupy most investors’ mind share next week. Read the full commentary now