New Retirement Resources Now Available in NetX360™

We are pleased to announce the availability of two new retirement resources, available via the Retirement Center in NetX360™. These new tools can help investment professionals share retirement plan options with clients.

Compare IRA Calculator

Comparing the different individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and explaining their features and benefits to clients can be time consuming. Our newest calculator, the Compare IRA tool, makes it fast and easy. Investment professionals can enter specific client data, and the calculator illustrates the available solution(s) that may be appropriate for the client’s long-term savings and retirement goals. Importantly, the calculator provides maximum annual contribution amount information, based on the data provided.

The Compare IRA calculator also includes short, clear descriptions to help investment professionals educate clients about IRAs. The tool is available now via the Retirement Center in NetX360, under Tools.

IRA Product Selector

In addition, a new guide, IRA Product Selector, is now available. This informative guide for investment professionals presents the basics about Roth, Traditional, Rollover and Mutual Fund Only IRAs, summarizing the key benefits and showing how each type complements different client situations and retirement time horizons. A client version of this guide is underway.

Suite of Retirement Calculators

Our extensive suite of retirement calculators can help investment professionals satisfy a broad range of client needs. Available in the Retirement Center in NetX360, each can be used to create personalized reports:

  • Roth Conversion—Creates various scenarios to show the potential impact Roth contributions may have on retirement savings and distributions.
  • Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA)—Builds scenarios to illustrate the options for distributing highly appreciated company stock held in a 401(k). It displays the impact of transferring the stock to a regular taxable account instead of rolling the stock over to a tax-deferred IRA.
  • Beneficiary IRA—Calculates the amount a client is required to withdraw each year from an inherited IRA.
  • Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)—Runs various options to determine the RMD a client must take from each Traditional IRA or qualified retirement plan—as well as the annual distribution amount for each option—to meet Internal Revenue Service age 70½ rules.
  • 72(t) Distribution Calculator—Estimates the allowable Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 72(t) distributions using approved calculation methods. IRC Section 72(t) allows for penalty-free early withdrawals from Traditional IRAs for clients under age 59½.
  • Compare IRA—As described above, it simplifies comparing IRAs and illustrates potential solution(s).

For more information on retirement solutions, visit Retirement Solutions via Resources on NetX360. Pershing will announce additional retirement marketing materials throughout the first quarter of 2011.