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Outlook for Emerging Market Debt with Imran Hussain

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Replay now available

If you were unable to join us for yesterday’s call, please click here <https://mediazone.brighttalk.com/comm/BlackRock/c1d04de6d4-23096-3391-24660> to listen to a replay. 

As worries about debt levels in a number of high income countries bring focus on sovereign fundamentals, emerging market sovereigns stand out as having much stronger balance sheets than many of their richer, developed world counterparts. These economies were more resilient through the crisis and are leading in the recovery, with lower public and private sector debt and stronger growth prospects, relative to their developed world counterparts.

Despite these improving fundamentals, emerging market debt trades with higher yields and wider spreads than their developed world counterparts. With developed market sovereign bond yields at historical lows, investors are increasingly considering emerging market debt as a more strategic part of their asset allocation decisions.

During this conference call, Imran Hussain, fund manager of the BGF Emerging Markets Bond Fund, the BGF Local Emerging Markets Short Duration Bond Fund and the BGF Asian Tiger Bond Fund, discussed his outlook on emerging market debt.       

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