The Enhanced ETF Center: The Premier Source for Exchange-Traded Funds

Investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) continues to grow in popularity as investors demand low-cost, diverse options for their portfolios. Today’s marketplace offers a host of ETFs, from those that track the performance of a major index, like Standard and Poor’s 500®, to specialty ETFs that follow sectors like technology, healthcare and energy. There is no shortage of information and commentary on ETFs, but there is a lack of time to find and comb through them.

At any time, your investment professionals can turn to just one source: ETF Center via NetX360™.

Pershing’s ETF Center is an indispensable resource powered by Morningstar®, which offers independent research and analysis, the latest news and daily fund profiles on over 1,000 ETFs and exchange-traded notes (ETNs). Available free of charge via the Tools tab, the ETF Center also includes advanced screening functionality using a variety of criteria to enable comparisons to individual stocks and mutual funds.

Newest Features ETF Center has been redesigned to be more user-friendly and now offers a robust document warehouse for educational material, commentary, presentations, white papers and webinars developed by industry experts and conveniently organized under the Research, Commentary and Outlook sections. In addition, ETF Center now boasts an enhanced home page designed to improve user experience, including more intuitive navigation and clearer labeling, plus a new calendar of upcoming conferences and webcasts by ETF Center sponsors.

Morningstar Research, Daily Fund Data, Analysis and More

Each day, ETF Center offers something new, with fresh Morningstar content, analytical tools and data that are conveniently accessible from the NetX360 platform. Visitors can take advantage of the ETF Center in a variety of ways to help them customize a mix of funds and stocks for their clients:

  • View daily profile data, including annual performance, market price, net asset value and expense ratio for all the ETFs and ETNs in Morningstar’s database
  • Sort and filter funds through ETF Screener and ETF Quickrank, using key criteria as category, fund family, performance/total return, trading volume and Style Box, which is Morningstar’s proprietary, visual investment classification
  • Use the Cost Analyzer to compare the total costs of similar investments, from ETFs to mutual funds or different share classes of the same fund
  • Stay abreast of the latest information through timely articles on ETFs
  • Access additional, robust product and educational materials via direct links to ETF providers