ProCash Plus® : A Retirement Income Management Tool for Your Clients’ Brokerage Accounts

Now there is an easy way to help your retired clients experience stress-free management of their retirement income. The comprehensive ProCash Plus® asset management account allows clients the ability to invest in securities, deposit money from various sources of income, write checks, and pay bills—all from a single, convenient account.

Pool income from retirement accounts
You may have seen your clients struggle to keep track of various sources of retirement income, such as required minimum distributions (RMDs) from individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and employer-sponsored plans, pension income, income from annuities, and Social Security payments. You can help your clients overcome this challenge by encouraging them to simplify their dayto- day money management by consolidating assets that may be held at separate institutions in a Platinum, Gold, or Silver ProCash Plus account.

“…Valuable ProCash Plus features work together to help you give your retired clients more control over their finances.”

More assets means a deeper relationship between you and your clients
Managing a higher percentage of your clients’ net worth increases the likelihood that you will be their primary service provider—the professional they trust to handle their investments and help them plan for living in their retirement years. ProCash Plus can be a valuable tool in strengthening client relationships. Your clients will appreciate the ease and convenience of keeping track of their retirement income through a ProCash Plus account. They will also benefit from:

  • Direct Deposit of their retirement income, tax refunds, and other sources of income—all deposited into one convenient account
  • Daily sweep of uninvested cash into their choice of several taxable or tax-free money market funds or a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)- insured deposit account1
  • Easy fund access through unlimited checks with no minimum per-check amount—and your clients can make purchases and access cash at ATMs worldwide with a Gold or Platinum MasterCard® debit card2
  • Expense tracking of transactions is arranged by category—expenses will also appear on a year-end summary that allows for simplified tax preparation2
  • Consolidated banking and brokerage statements3 for simplified viewing of their finances, including investment transactions, portfolio holdings, cleared checks, MasterCard debit card2 purchases, money market fund activity, and more
  • Dividend reinvestment that puts full and fractional same-security share earnings immediately to work2
  • Account support for your clients to enjoy 24- hour account service by dialing (800) 547-7008; the CashCall voice-response service offers immediate access to important account information, including balances, deposit and withdrawal activity, and checking and debit card transaction information

Help your clients make managing assets easier
These valuable ProCash Plus features work together to give your retired clients more control over their finances. With a holistic view of investing, checking, savings, and spending, it will be easy for you to guide your clients to a clearer understanding of:

  • How income sources might be better utilized
  • What their asset allocation, spending, and withdrawal trends are
  • Whether recent activities match or diverge from retirement plans
  • How changing circumstances might impact those plans
  • Where current investment strategies might be fine-tuned
  • How to craft financial strategies to help retirement income last an investment lifetime

In today’s fiercely competitive environment, that is precisely the kind of insight you need to enhance relationships with clients, increase your book’s average account size, and enable you to prospect more effectively by capturing a client’s complete investment portfolio— including their cash.

Optional offerings to add value to your clients
ProCash Plus offers you and your clients a unique combination of asset gathering potential, added services, and maximized convenience.

  • Loyalty program – For a nominal fee, RewardSuite offers clients reward options including: discounts on air travel, travel-related gift certificates, gift cards to national dining and retail establishments, or one percent cash back on eligible purchases credited to your clients’ ProCash Plus accounts.2, 4
  • Funds transfer system – EasyPay™ makes it easy for your clients to transfer funds from a checking account to a ProCash Plus account—allowing them to pay promptly for the purchase of securities and transfer funds for future investments.
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-read account summary – SelectLink is a complimentary service offering that consolidates all your client’s brokerage account statements into one convenient package. The total value of the linked accounts is displayed in a clear, concise summary that includes the net worth of each account, as well as the total net worth of the household.
  • BillSuite online bill payment and presentment service – For a nominal fee, BillSuite™ lets your clients view, manage, and pay bills from ProCash Plus, 24/7, in a secure, online environment.5

For additional information about how a ProCash Plus account can make managing your clients’ assets easier, please contact your home office.

1 An investment in a FDIC-insured bank program is not protected by Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). An investment in a money market fund is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insured Corporation or any other government agency. Although the funds seek to preserve the value of your investment at $1.00 per share, it is possible to lose money by investment in the fund.

2 Not available with ProCash Plus Silver accounts.

3 The consolidated statement will only reflect activity occurring within a brokerage account held at Pershing. Consolidated banking information is not available for ProCash Plus Silver accounts.

4 Clients using RewardSuite must abide by the program’s terms and conditions. For information, please visit

5 Clients using BillSuite must abide by the terms and conditions noted for such application when accessed via NetExchange Client®.