The Challenges of Globalization

The foreign exchange market is by far the largest and most liquid market in the world.  The foreign exchange market is also a 24-hour market, meaning the exchange rates and market conditions can change at any time in response to world developments. To meet the demands of an evolving global economy, you will need to access the foreign exchange market more frequently.

For example, if your client wishes to diversify his or her portfolio by buying non-U.S. instruments, he or she will need to pay for that purchase in the currency that the security is traded.  Your client will finance this security purchase by selling U.S. dollars and buying the required currency in the foreign exchange market. The opposite is true when a client who holds foreign currency wants to finance the purchase of U.S. denominated instrument. Your client will pay for this U.S. instrument by selling his or her foreign currency and buying the required amount of U.S. dollars in the foreign exchange market.

In fact, no matter what the reason for the conversion, Pershing Foreign Exchange is here to support your clients’ global investment initiatives. This service is currently available for over 15 currencies and applies to all foreign exchange transactions that contain U.S. dollars as a component of the trade.

Pershing has automated our existing foreign exchange service by accepting transaction entries through Pershing’s NetExchange suite of front-end brokerage platforms. Beginning with NetX360®, this enhancement provides you and your clients with access to real-time pricing and execution. Coinciding with this automation, Pershing plans to change the current process to allow for the execution of certain foreign exchange trades prior to cash being on hand. We are also developing hedging tools, in the form of foreign exchange forwards, so that your clients can hedge their securities portfolio against changes in foreign exchange rates.

Pershing’s foreign exchange service empowers you to:

  • Proactively position yourself to capitalize on the current and future opportunities presented by the global marketplace.
  • Gather client assets that are traditionally executed through alternative financial service providers that handle foreign exchange transactions.
  • Enhance your significance and expand the realm of your existing client relationships, and attract the business of individual investors who are interested in portfolio diversification through global investment.

The benefits to your clients include:

  • A streamlined, real-time process for foreign exchange transactions.
  • A confirmation for every trade.
  • A consolidated brokerage account statement reporting foreign exchange activity.
  • A single relationship for the management of their international needs.

Pershing will continue to enhance our foreign exchange services to address emerging trends and opportunities.

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