Simplify Tax Preparation with ProCash Plus®

All of your clients want to minimize their tax liabilities with effective year-end tax strategies and easy tax preparation. ProCash Plus can help you and your clients meet these important challenges. ProCash Plus is a premier asset management account that offers a range of features designed to consolidate assets and provide an efficient platform to organize finances. Your clients will be particularly attracted to the tax-lot accounting and Expense-Track expense coding features of this service.

Tax-Lot Accounting at No Extra Charge 

ProCash Plus offers unrealized gains and losses on a monthly basis, and realized gains and losses on a quarterly basis. With this service, you can work with your clients to monitor their holdings and make investment decisions that will help to minimize their tax liabilities.

Expense-Track Expense Coding 

Your clients can keep track of personal, business, and tax-deductible expenses with the easy-to-use Expense-Track feature. As your clients use their checks, they simply designate the expense category by filling in a letter in the box located in the lower left-hand corner of the check. And, all of their debit card transactions are automatically coded by MasterCardÒ. At year-end, your clients will receive a comprehensive statement showing all checking and debit card activity by category. 

Sales Ideas: Discuss the ProCash Plus Advantage

Talk to your clients about the benefits of using ProCash Plus. This gives you the opportunity to find out about other mutual fund, brokerage, or bank accounts that may be held away from you. Explain that you can help them manage their assets more effectively by consolidating all of their information into a single account with one monthly statement, including cost-basis information and all checking and debit card activity. 

A Source of Referrals

Offer to work with your clients’ tax advisors and provide cost basis information and Expense-Track expense coding statement. Developing a partnership with a tax advisor can be a terrific source of referrals for you.

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