NetExchange Client® Mobile on iPhone®

Introducing NetExchange Client® on iPhone® 

In today’s fast-paced world, your clients need convenient access to their account information. NetExchange Client Mobile®, now available on iPhone®, provides your clients with anytime-anywhere access to critical account information and market data. With many of the same features as the desktop application, NetExchange Client Mobile on iPhone allows your clients to check balances, positions, quotes and market indices. 

Getting started is easy 

Your clients who already use the desktop application will be able to login to NetExchange Client Mobile with the same user ID and password that they use on the NetExchange Client website. This additional functionality is free of charge for your customers. 

To begin using the mobile application, all your clients have to do is follow the basic instructions on the NetExchange Client website. Mobile Splash Page and a banner on the right-hand module of the Balances, Holdings, Account Summary, Market Highlights pages link users to this information. The mobile splash page and banner can be controlled by you using the NPNX entitlement—“MOBILE SPLASH PAGE”. 

As with all Pershing applications, industry best-practices have been employed to ensure a safe environment for your clients’ data. NetExchange Client Mobile uses the same SSL/HTTPS technology that is used for the NetExchange Client website. 

Why NetExchange Client Mobile? 

Keeping ahead of the technology curve will help to strengthen relationships with your clients. As more and more investment professionals start to use their mobile devices to access business information, NetExchange Client Mobile on iPhone will allow you to provide leading-edge technology to your investors.