Improve Client Satisfaction with RewardSuite

Your Gold and Platinum asset management account clients can participate in an expanded rewards program—RewardSuite.

RewardSuite is a loyalty client program providing your clients with their reward of choice. ProCash Plus account clients earn 1 point for every $1 spent on their ProCash Plus Gold or Platinum debit card once they have enrolled in RewardSuite. The points earned are redeemable for an array of options including travel around the world and $5,000 cash deposited in their asset management account.

What Makes RewardSuite Better?

 Unline the Frequent Buyer program, both Gold and Platinum asset management account clients can take advantage of RewardSuite. The new program also offers a web site,, where your clients can virtually enroll, and check and redeem RewardSuite points 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.

Client Rewards

Your clients can earn one point for every dollar spent. Points are redeemable toward unlimited air travel, gift certificates to leading restaurants and stores, money back in their asset management account, and more!

Your clients will be able to redeem their points towards gift cards for leading vendors such as The Sharper Image®, Dillard’s®, and the Home Depot®. Or, if they choose, points can be redeemed toward unlimited air travel, a stay at a Marriot® or Hyatt® Resorts and Spas, gift cards to popular restaurants, or up to one percent cash back in their asset management account. The choice is theirs.

To learn more about RewardSuite, contact your home office today.

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