Business Intelligence

eAnalytics is a business intelligence reporting tool integrated within Report Center in NetX360®. It offers an array of standard and ad hoc reports that can be generated instantaneously at the firm, office, investment professional, and account levels.

For instance, use the:

  • Account Profile Report to obtain a detailed view of a client’s demographic information
  • Holdings by Product Report to get a summary or detailed view of holdings
  • Mutual Fund Report to identify exposure across fund families
  • Trade History Report to view a summary and detailed view of trade executions
  • Balance/Position/Profile Report to analyze such multiple data elements as
    balances, profiles, and holdings
  • Balances/Trend Report to spot balance trends over time

Or create your own lists for mail or telephone marketing campaigns using such predefined filters as birthdays, margin agreements, option agreements, retirement accounts, pending close accounts, last statement dates, new accounts, state-specific municipal bond clients, and more.

Download the results to work with the data, or even e-mail a list to your handheld device. This highly flexible and resourceful tool is designed to help you manage and grow your business with ease.

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