Client Relationship Building Tips


Listen attentively and sincerely to customers’ concerns without interrupting them.

  1. Find out exactly what happened and determine why the customer is unhappy.
  2. Genuinely apologize for the mistake or misunderstanding. Have empathy.
  3. Spell out exactly how you are going to solve the problem and by when.

Source: Selling Power Magazine, January/February 2003

Keep In Touch

Before calling it a day, take an extra five minutes in the evening just to write a quick, neatly handwritten thank-you card to any prospective clients you met with that day. Thank them for their time and attention, and briefly touch on a highlight or two from your meeting. Tell them you’re looking forward to the opportunity to work together, and remind them of your next meeting, if you closed them on a second get-together. Definitely include another business card, too, just in case they inadvertently misplaced the one you gave them. This keeps you in mind for the next time you call.

Source: Selling Power Magazine, Oct 2002

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