Providing Comprehensive Wealth Management Solutions

As you strive to improve competitive positioning and provide differentiated, premium support to your clients, Pershing’s Private Client Group (PCG) offers an innovative service that is designed to strengthen relationships and help you address the financial goals of your high-net-worth clients. This dedicated team of experts can help your high- net-worth clients take full advantage of illiquid wealth, providing premium support for wealth management and liquidity solutions, including the exercise of corporate stock options and transactions involving restricted and control stock.

Executive and management compensation continues to include significant portions of stock options, stock bonuses, and restricted stock—which has greatly increased investment and wealth management opportunities for you and some of your clients. These assets may also have been acquired through gifts and inheritances. While your high-net-worth clients may realize substantial gains with these assets, they also face considerable implications—risk associated with holdings that are concentrated in one company and one industry, tax ramifications presented by significant appreciation in value and low cost basis, and limited liquidity. With PCG, you can help your high-net-worth clients address these issues and ensure the inclusion of these assets in a comprehensive wealth management program. PCG is staffed with an experienced team of professionals who understand the complexities of supporting high-net-worth investors.  And as specialized investment transactions can be quite time-consuming, PCG’s centralized team affords you continuity in service and access to the product experts you need to help your high-net-worth clients.

PCG creates leveraged participation for your clients by financing the costs associated with stock option exercises, and in qualified circumstances, by utilizing restricted and control stock as collateral in margin loans. As a further extension of services, PCG partners with other providers to offer consideration for hedging and liquidity solutions, such as collars and variable prepaid forwards. PCG also facilitates access to alternative investment vehicles for qualified investors including exchange funds, hedge funds, and private equity offerings.*

Building, managing, and maintaining wealth can be a challenge for you and for your high-net-worth clients. Tap in to the leading liquidity solutions that are available through PCG, and put this powerful partnership to work for you and your most valued clients. Contact your financial organization to learn more about this specialized service.

*These strategies and structures require stringent suitability review and close coordination; they may vary in term, nature, and investment minimum criteria.

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