Financial Planning in NetX360

Through NetX360, you can securely access MoneyGuidePro™ – the first financial planning SMARTware enabling you to generate accurate financial plans with less repetitive work than other financial planning tools. Once enrolled, you will be able to access MoneyGuidePro directly from within NetX360 and have access to all the necessary holdings and account data from NetX360.

MoneyGuidePro enables you to efficiently produce financial plans that are easily understandable by your clients. Stop wasting time running software and spend more time talking to prospects and clients, and building a better practice with MoneyGuidePro – one of the smartest, most responsive, and fastest financial planning applications available today.

  • Access MoneyGuidePro via a secure, single sign-on interface from within NetX360
  • Leverage a robust set of Asset Allocation capabilities
  • Utilize fully-integrated modules for insurance and estate analysis
  • Automatically convert your recommended plans into a 5-step interactive, PowerPoint®-like presentation with SMART Presentation
  • Integrate with most of your other favorite core applications

To learn more about MoneyGuidePro, please visit: